World Police and Fire Games

Promoting sport, physical fitness and creating lifelong memories

The WPFG (World Police and Fire Games) is a multi-sport Olympic style athletics event. It is held biennially to promote physical and mental well-being of professionals in the Police, Fire and Correctional Services around the world.

The Governing Body of the WPFG is the World Police & Fire Games Federation (WPFGF) is an entity of the California Police Athletics Federation.  It is a non profit corporation established in 1971.

To enter the Games, competitors must be serving officers within the Correctional, Police and Fire communities or retired officers.

The first Games were held in 1985 in San Jose, California with nearly 5,000 competitors.  The first Games the Prison Service attended as a team were in 1995 in Melbourne.  We have taken a team biennially ever since.

The largest Games to date were held in New York in 2011 attracting nearly 16,000 competitors.

The next Games we are attending will be hosted by China in 2019.

If you would like to attend the Games in China please watch here for updates.  It is envisaged that there will be a 2 week package which includes return flights, hotel accommodation based on 2 sharing with breakfast, sports & travel insurance and team kit.  The cost has not yet been determined.  The PSSA is hopeful to offer a subsidy to competitors along with any potential sponsorship gained.

The WPFG is a truly fantastic event that brings colleagues together from around the world.  Many friendships have been formed over the years.  Once you have attended your first Games, you’re normally hooked and attend thereafter!

For more information, please contact or telephone 01788 804171.

World Police & Fire Games – China 2019.

Please see the package price below.  The subsidy is yet to be confirmed.

Twin Room (based 2 sharing)

Based on 12 nights

Price per person £350

Includes breakfast

Flight cost Etihad £696

Includes generous 46kg baggage

Total cost p/person £1047

Less subsidy (TBC) £947

King Room (based on couple)

Based on 12 nights

Price per person £330

Includes breakfast

Flight cost Etihad £696

Includes generous 46kg baggage

Total cost p/person £1027

Less subsidy (TBC) £927

Preliminary visits to China have been undertaken by members of the Executive to explore suitable accommodation, and transport arrangements, venues for sporting activities and other amenities to ensure successful and enjoyable Games.

Apply to attend the WPFG by clicking the link.  There is a Medical Disclosure Form to be returned to PSSA HQ.  Please ensure you complete all questions fully and print information clearly. 

A deposit of £100 per person is to be paid on application (if your partner is to accompany you then the deposit will be £200.

To finalise registration, a minimum of £80 per month (minimum requirement) standing order is attached for you to complete.  It is essential that you deposit this standing order with your respective bankers and send a photocopy to PSSA for filing.

All competitors MUST complete the standing order form.